The Beer Kitchen Test Series #3 By Innis & Gunn: American IPA | The Beer Kitchen

September 22, 2016

The Beer Kitchen Test Series #3 By Innis & Gunn: American IPA

Introducing the next instalment of The Beer Kitchen Test Series by Innis & Gunn.  We’ve heard your calls for hops, and we’ve provided.  The crafty fellows at the Innis & Gunn brewery have whipped up a storm of hops and created an American IPA.

As we all know, IPAs were created by the Brits in the 1800s – the extra hops were a necessary addition to preserve the deliciousness of beer during the long voyages to India.  Now, it might be that the USA is almost twice as far from India as Britain is, but the Americans have taken IPAs to a whole new level of hoppiness.    American IPAs have come to be recognised for their intense aromatic bitterness, which comes from particularly fragrant varieties of new world hops.

As such, this 5.6% ABV brew uses Centennial and Cascade hops, alongside delightfully fruity Mandarina Bavaria, to bring all those lychee and citrus notes together and balance out the rich sweetness of the Extra Pale and Dark Munich malts.  This is one punchy brew.

Nose: Orange Citrus, Lychee, Aromatic Hops
Taste: Malt Sweetness, Intense Citrus
Finish: Slightly Sharp, Lasting Bitterness

Starters/Bar Bites – Prawn Hoptail
Mains – Fish & Chips, From The Sea
Sandwiches – Fish Fingers
Desserts – Selection of Scottish Cheese