Fresh IPA, Coming to a Tank Near You | The Beer Kitchen

April 3, 2017

Fresh IPA, Coming to a Tank Near You

It’s a known fact that our Tank Beer is tastier… Because it’s served so fresh, it bypasses the need for pasteurisation, meaning the beer retains all its lighter and more vibrant flavours.

As a treat, from today we’ll be serving our award-winning Session IPA fresh from our fresh beer tanks in our Edinburgh & Dundee Beer Kitchens. Our fresh Session IPA will be delivered straight from the Innis & Gunn Brewery to our bars, and then on to your glasses.

A favourite of many, Session IPA is the perfect beer for the rapidly warming weather, a light 4.2% ABV pale ale, bursting with new world hops for flavour. Our extra pale malt makes it smooth & light, while the aromatic hops add layers of subtle bitterness and citrus.

So come on, how about a pint?

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