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Our Growler Station allows you to fill up on fresh craft beer to enjoy at home – scroll down for more details on the ultimate takeaway for your taste buds. Our beers currently pouring in Edinburgh are: The Beer Kitchen Test Series by Innis & Gunn, Rum Finish, Irish Whiskey Finish and one rotational line.

How to Growl: A Beginners’ Guide

Not just the sound of an angry dog, growling is a great way to enjoy fresh craft beer at your own table, in your own kitchen. The term ‘growler’ was coined towards the end of the 19th century, when patrons of local bars would use a small lidded pail to take draught brews home – upon opening the container, the noise emitted by the escaping CO2 was said to sound like a growl.

More recently popularised by small breweries in America and Canada, growlers have become an increasingly effective and enjoyable way of drinking beer fresh from the keg in the comfort of your own home. Generally made from glass, with either a swing or screw cap, a growler works so well that more than a week after being filled, your beer will still be delicious.

Our growlers come in either one or two litre volume sizes; you can rent these from us for £6 each. After that, you just pay for the beer that fills them. You’ll find the Growler Station at the end of our bar, where we’ll have a rotational beer offering for you to choose from. Once you’ve picked your poison, we’ll fill your growler up and then it’s yours to take away and enjoy at your leisure!

The Beer Kitchen Growler

If you can resist opening and swiftly emptying your growler, it can last around a couple of weeks when kept in a fridge. After you’ve popped it, you don’t need to drain it in one fell swoop; it’ll keep for a few more days, losing a little more carbonation each time you go for a glass. Once empty, just bring it back to the bar – your growler is fully reusable, so simply give it a good clean, then come and see what we’ve got lined up for you next.